New Website Coming Soon

New work on has begun! Starting with a new website.

The website will feature information about Sydewayz and the development of The Sydeshow, our answer to unsanctioned events called Sideshows that have spread nationwide.

In a few weeks, we will share our Sideshow Solution and open it up for collaboration and review.

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Statement from Sydewayz:

Some Sideshow activities have the power to embrace innovation and competitiveness while providing much-needed activities and access for Urban populations, especially younger adults.

However, Sideshows do not belong in neighborhoods. Full stop.

Some of the activities involved can work to devalue our neighborhoods and cause undue risk for everyone.

Join Us to find out how you can help be a part of the solution and not the problem.

About Sydewayz

Sydewayz was created out of a need to tell the real story of The Sideshow. We succeeded with our first project: “Sydewayz: The Sideshow Documentary,” in 2001. Followed by the award-winning update “Sydewayz” in 2006.

Now, we are driving innovation and solutions in the world of Sideshows, Urban MotorSports, and Media.

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